Demand for our service is growing.

We answered 2,000 additional questions this year than last year.

We serve a population of around 273,000. In the next 10 years, it is predicted that this could grow to 363,000.

Our Strategic Priorities for continuing to meet the needs of this growing population are:

1 Further Development of Digital Services

We aim to increase our digital services to reach more people by:

  • Developing our website and social media.
  • Adding features to our anti-scam smartphone app and looking at more ways apps could help people.
  • Developing an advice service over Skype.

   2. Make our Face to Face Service more Accessible

Face to Face advice is still very important and we aim to make it more accessible by developing more outreach services to help people in their communities.

3. Increase the use of our service by Young People

Young people aged 16-24 make up 22% of the local population but just 9% of our clients. We need to identify ways to address this imbalance.

  • We need to increase awareness of how we can support this age group.
  • Ensure that we offer services to them in the manner they require.