Cambridge Foodbanks

Cambridge City Foodbank
Cambridge City Foodbank

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, some changes are being made to the local foodbank operation. Some Foodbank Centres will be closed until further notice. Please read this message if this affects you and your family.

The following Foodbank Centres will be KEPT OPEN:

  • St Paul’s Church, Hills Road (Monday & Friday)
  • Church of the Good Shepherd Arbury (Thursday)
  • Cambourne Old Blue School (Thursday)
  • C3 Centre, Coldham’s Lane (Friday)

Find out more on the Cambridge City Foodbank website.

Following Government advice, we have decided to close the office (24/03/2020) in Devonshire Road. If you need a Foodbank Voucher, you should:

We can do text only referrals which do not involve us having to print a paper voucher.

The Foodbanks expect additional demand during the coming months. They will continue to provide food for those in financial hardship but, if people have enough money and are self-isolating, they cannot provide food.

Procedures at the centres will be changed to minimise personal contact. This means they will be unable to offer the usual hospitality (tea, coffee etc.). Changes are intended to enable them to provide a service throughout the coming weeks and months. There is no need to come at the beginning of the sessions or to worry about them running out.

Foodbank Closures

The following centres will CLOSE from Monday 23rd March.

  • Chesterton Methodist Church (CLOSED)
  • OLEM Catholic Church (CLOSED)
  • Alpha Terrace, Trumpington (CLOSED)
  • Waterbeach Baptist (CLOSED)