Stay well this winter

Stay Well this Winter

The aim of the Stay Well this Winter Campaign is to mitigate the risks associated with cold temperatures and winter weather on the health and wellbeing of vulnerable groups, especially those living in cold homes or in fuel poverty crisis. With COVID 19 in circulation this year, many of our most vulnerable groups are at greater risk of severe illness from COVID 19, cold temperatures and winter conditions.

The Stay Well this Winter Campaign is led by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Councils Public Health Team, who work in partnership with organisations from across the local health and social care system to provide:

  • key information and vital resources to those in crisis of fuel poverty;
  • the distribution of grants for heating costs and minor home repairs and
  • to promote and increase the uptake of the flu vaccination amongst vulnerable communities.

One such way that the Stay Well this Winter Campaign provides such a resource is through its annual Stay Well Packs. These packs contain a wealth of information for vital support, access to free resources and financial aid, and key contacts to help the most vulnerable stay warm, well, and safe this winter.

To get more information, visit the Stay Well This Winter page on the Be Well in Cambridgeshire website.