Disability benefits for deaf people or those with hearing loss


If you are deaf or have hearing loss, you might be able to get disability benefits and grants to help cover the cost of:

  • technology and assistive devices, such as a personal listener, to help you communicate.
  • communication support to help you do your job or study, such as a speech-to-text translator or British Sign Language translator.

Find out more on the RNID Benefits page.

There is a section on this website where you’ll find information and FAQs about: Benefits & Tax Credits | Universal Credit | Personal Independence Payment (PIP) |

Department for Work and Pensions

If you’re looking for advice about DWP benefits you can watch BSL videos provided by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on YouTube. Examples can be viewed below.

The videos have audio and subtitles.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Is Personal Independence Payment for you (or someone you know?)

Claiming Personal Independence Payment

Cold Weather Payments

Cold Weather Payment is extra money for people receiving certain benefits, such as Universal Credit, when there's very cold weather.

WaterSure Scheme

The WaterSure scheme can help to reduce water bills for people who are on low income or who claim benefits. This is available for certain customers with a water meter.