Benefits - Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

At Cambridge Citizens Advice, we help a lot of people to apply for PIP and challenge the decision if their application has been unsuccessful. Here are some top tips for applying for PIP from John, one of our benefit advisers:

  1. Use the guidance from Citizens Advice – the website has a PIP section which includes detailed advice on filling in your PIP claim form and getting evidence to support your PIP claim.
  2. If you can, discuss the questions with someone who knows you well, as they might be able to suggest things to include in your answers – two heads are better than one!
  3. Remember to write about things that you avoid doing because you find them difficult to do without help.
  4. Never tick the ‘Sometimes’ box on the form without explaining how often you cannot do something and need help.
  5. Moving around: this question is not about how far you can walk once, but how far you can walk three times with a short rest between each stage of the journey. Always give this distance in yards or metres. Never say for how many minutes you can walk, as this will be converted to metres by the DWP assessor and they will assume you walk at a standard pace, which may not be the case.
  6. If your claim is rejected or is lower than you think is fair, you have one month to challenge the decision, so if you’d like our help, contact us straight away.

If you’d like help to apply for PIP or challenge a decision, you can visit or contact us - find our contact details here.