Here are 3 things Citizens Advice said this week that are worth your time

1. The Taylor review of modern working practices is a decent first step towards a fairer jobs market. Last year Citizens Advice helped 200,000 people with 340,000 issues relating to problems at work. We welcome proposals to help people in insecure work - but effective enforcement is key.

2. Bad decisions about cost energy consumers £7.5 billion. The infrastructure that carries gas and electricity to our homes is a ‘controlled monopoly’. Regulators negotiate with energy network companies over how much they can spend and how much money they can collect. When companies underspend, people’s money ends up in their pockets - we think that’s wrong.

3. More than half of private tenants we spoke to won’t pursue repairs because they fear eviction. Landlords are legally responsible for fixing most problems in the homes they rent out. However, many tenants are put off asking for repairs by the prospect of eviction or a rise in their rent. As a result, only 12% take formal action to resolve their situation. Instead, tenants often deal with the problem themselves - and this is often expensive and risky.