Paying too much for energy? We can help you save money

Are you getting the best deal on your gas and electricity? If you're struggling to pay your bills during this difficult time in particular, there may be additional support available to help you manage your money. Check to see if you’re eligible for any special discounts, grants or support with your energy bills.

Big Energy Saving Winter

At Cambridge & District Citizens Advice, we've always worked in partnership with national campaigns to help people reduce their energy bills. This year we are continuing this support by raising awareness of the Big Energy Saving Winter campaign.

Last year Best Energy Saving Winter helped households across England and Wales save over £1.2million on their energy bills. You can get more information about this campaign on the Big Energy Saving Winter website.

There's more advice on energy issues, including problems with your bill or energy supply and making a complaint, on the following websites:

The national Citizens Advice website has an excellent section called Your Energy Supply. If you're struggling to pay your energy bills during this time, the Citizens Advice Coronavirus update page has the latest advice.

For people who live in Cambridge, the City Council website has a section about how to Reduce your energy bill and with a link to Home energy and water use advice service.