Delivering personal budgeting support to Universal Credit claimants

Universal Credit Full Service was introduced into Cambridge on 17th October 2018. We are helping people to budget on the Universal Credit benefit by taking referrals for people based in Cambridge City or South Cambridgeshire. You can also come and visit us directly (self-refer).

Under Universal Credit people will be paid money for different bills under one monthly sum. This goes to one household member. Currently, people get different benefits at different times, and different people in a household can claim them. Universal Credit is going to signify a big adjustment for some households to manage their money.

Additionally, you will have to wait at least 5 weeks before receiving Universal Credit after you have made a claim. We want to help people to budget during this time and avoid getting into significant debt.

For more information on Universal Credit go to the Citizens Advice website.

For online information on managing your money go to Online Information -> Managing your Money