Supporting rural communities around issues of energy

Cambridge & District Citizens Advice is part of the Rural Issues Group. The Rural Issues Group is the umbrella body, which represent the 161 local offices who work across rural England and Wales.

The group is needed because living in a rural area can bring many different challenges, but this is especially true around the issue of energy. Rural communities often suffer disproportionately from lack of choice or access to services. Recent research by Citizens Advice central office found that the top areas with the coldest and unhealthiest homes (those with the lowest energy efficiency ratings) are all in rural areas. Fuel poverty is also a major concern with around 1 in 7 rural households in rural England struggling to pay to heat their homes.

Part of our work in the Rural Issues Group is to identify and highlight the issues around delivering advice to rural areas, and it’s clear that there is a need for nuanced and tailored advice and support for rural consumers.