Do you need help from a solicitor?

If you act quickly, many problems are solved without the need for a solicitor. Not sure what to do? Talk with us first. If you would you prefer to meet a solicitor, choose from our list of local firms.

Using a solicitor

When you have chosen a solicitor, you will need to make an appointment. Always check for information relating to fees before you make an appointment. Take all relevant documents to the appointment, check this with the solicitor. Prepare a list of questions in advance of any appointment. Take identification with you to any appointment, such as a passport or driving license.

You can check if you are entitled to legal aid to pay for costs here.

If you are not entitled to legal aid but are a member of a Trade Union, the Union might provide free legal representation for a variety of issues, and not just employment issues. Sometimes you might be paying for insurance for costs with legal help as part of your house insurance deal. Not many people know they are paying for this so it is a good idea to check your contract.

For information on why to use a solicitor, go to the Law Society website.

Download a printable local solicitors list here (PDF)

(All entries in the list are from the Law Society’s official database. The Law Society is the professional association governing and representing solicitors in England and Wales. Cambridge CAB does not make recommendations for any solicitor firm. The list provided is for information only.)

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